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Infinite Children

Peter Brinson and Kelsey Rice

Infinite Children은 게임 속 콘텐츠 보다, 게임 밖의 상황이 더 중요한 게임 입니다. 짧은 SF 오디오북 형식의 게임은 플레이어들이 달성한 스팀 어치브먼트의 누적 갯수에 따라 이야기의 길이가 길어지고, 또 줄어들기도 합니다.


To explain about Infinite Children, we might say situation outside of the game is more important rather then inside of the game. This SF audiobook game is expanding/regressing its storyline according to the number of Steam achievements which earned by all players.

2016 Official Selections

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